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Tracker's End ( Wind Dragons MC #3) by Chantal Fernando

The third in a sexy romance series from the bestselling author of Saxonand Toxic Girl about the bad boys of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club and the women who fall in love with them.

Tracker is everything I’ve ever wanted.

I see him. I’ve watched time change him.

I’ve been patient, but he still hasn’t noticed me. Not the way I want him to. The more time I spend with the MC, the more I understand.

When you want something, you have to take it. You have to fight for it.

And Tracker is more than worth fighting for…

                                                                  My opinion:
Lana knew Anna and her brother Adam aka Rake since they were children. Now Anna was back in town and since her brother belonged in an MC she got to be around bikers alot. That's how she met Tracker. For a year he tried to stay away from Lana, he knew he wasn't good for her. But now he's going to chase her, she is his end. Tracker slowly approaches her, tries to spend time with her so he gets to know her more. She tried to hold back, be only his friend but with Tracker's determination and their chemistry wasn't so easy. Someone attacked Lana, all the people from the club were around her, taking care of her since she was family to them now. She is officially out of danger and more close to Tracker. They are doing good although they still trying to make their relationship  work with less arguments. Until one day he read one of her future books and he lost his shit, even thrown her out of the clubhouse. Weeks have passed he ignored her calls, denied to even see her, so she decided it was time to move on. Tracker is hurting by what happened as much as Lana, he tries to get her back but she isn't sure if she can just forget what happened. In the end she was happy that she was able to overcome her trust issues.

Amazing biker story. It has everything you need, love, arguments, hot sex, scary ass biker and a smart mouthed sassy woman. There isn't a war between MCs but there is a crazy ex and a traitor inside their MC. You know the saying: it's the quiet one you should watch out for, well this book proves it. Quiet people might surprise you. A few things about the two main characters: Tracker is a hot guy friendly guy to those who likes and a scary dude to those he doesn't like. He knew what he wanted and tried to take it without being afraid. Lana was a shy and quiet person but she was also a very strong woman with a dirty secret.

My favourite lines:

1)“Don’t care what many people think, and the ones who I do care about, take me as I am.”

2)When they say it’s the quiet ones you should look out for, I think they’re referring to me.

3)“Let’s do it. Looks like I’m going to a kid’s birthday party with the MC princess and a badass biker,” I say, then pause. “Never thought I’d ever have to say that sentence.”

4)“I know that you’re eventually going to give in. And when you do, it’s going to be fuckin’ perfect. So my dick can wait for you, Lana, because it has your name written all over it.”

5)“That’s quite a weapon you’re packing,” 

6)Fuck the party. I’m gonna throw you over my shoulder and take you straight to my room.”
  I laugh.
  “Baby, I’m dead serious,” he says. “I have no fuckin’ clue why you’re laughing.”

7)My eyes widen. I didn’t actually expect him to answer. “Did you just give me a little bit of club information? I think I’m going to die of shock.”


  “You’re lucky you’re beautiful, because you’re a pain in the ass.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                   Tracker's End

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