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Chelsea ( The Club Girl Diaries #2) by Addison Jane

Chelsea spent most of her life running.

She was young when her parents were killed, and she was thrown into the system as just another statistic. One foster home after another, hell after hell. When things got too hard, her first instinct was to get out and fast.

She didn’t mind being a club girl. Who wouldn't want a group of possessive alpha males on your side and in your bed? The freedom and the lifestyle allowed her to spread her wings while the rules and bylaws kept everyone in line. It was comfortable – safe.

But while her head told her she was happy, her heart reminded her constantly of what she really wanted – Brothers by Blood President, Optimus. He was a brooding asshole who was sexy, loyal and pushed the boundaries of both her body and her mind. He never let her all the way in, but she still couldn't stay away from him – he was addictive.

Optimus had only one rule – family comes first.

He knew that sometimes sacrifices needed to be made in order to keep the ones he loved safe. He'd done it before and he would do it again.

Being President of the Brothers by Blood MC meant he couldn't show any weakness. His feelings for Chelsea were off the charts, but so far he'd managed to hide them and keep her at an arm’s length thinking he was protecting her. Beautiful, athletic and sassy, she wasn't just another club girl, she was HIS girl.

Danger is fast approaching and Chelsea is in its direct sight. Will it be too late for Optimus to show Chelsea how he really feels? And when secrets are revealed will Chelsea stay and stand beside the man she wants or will the urge to run just be too strong?

                                                           My opinion:
Chelsea for many years have been a club girl in the Brothers by Blood MC. She had feelings for the President, he had too but refused to admit it. The Mafia had targeted Chelsea because she was an important person to Optimus. He tried to protect her by pushing her away. This was killing her, she couldn't stand seeing him with other women. That's when left the club and went to live with her new friend, Rose. When some men started shooting her in her new work she willingly went back to Optimus. He finally understood that he couldn't live without her. He made her his Old Lady, they were happy for a night and then after a huge betrayal from her friend she ended up in the wrong hands. Op with his brothers found her soon but  in a critical condition. He was devastated. In the end Optimus had all the important people in his life and took his revenge as well.

It's a very intense story with many life changing secrets and lies. The storyline has a few things in common with the previous book: the main female character is kidnapped, a brother dies, one person denies his feelings. Optimus is an alpha brooding male, overprtected and acted as a caveman many times. He had lost a lot of people and he blaimed himself for that. That's why he chose not to be close with a woman again. Everyone was telling him that this was wrong and he understood that in the end. Chelsea is a unique smart and very caring woman who had a rough life. That's why she wanted to find her prince who was going to sweep her of her feet. But she found something much better in Optimus.

My favorite lines:

1)“She’s mine for tonight, buddy!” I grinned. “Take your…ding-dong, and use your hand if you’re desperate.”

2)“Your Old Man know you’re on the phone blowing up a brother?” 
  I could practically see her grinning. “You say that like he has a say in the matter.”

  “Pussy whipped fucker,” I muttered. 

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