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Harmony ( The Club Girl Diaries #1) by Addison Jane

Harmony makes no excuses for who she is or what she’s done. For the past few years she’s been living as a club girl for the Brothers by Blood MC. The club girls are there for a purpose - to cook, to clean and to keep the men happy. She respects the club, respects the men and she follows the rules. Watching the men walk in and out of her life is strangely comforting, and a feeling she’s grown accustomed to. With a history of disappointments and false promises, all she wants is to have fun, play music and finish college. Being associated with the club, she can do that without having to risk her heart. That was until he showed up.

When Kit's father stepped down as president, he took the title with pride. The Brothers by Blood MC is his family, his home. Deciding to celebrate his new title with his brothers from a neighboring chapter, the last thing he expected was to find Harmony - a club girl with all the makings of a perfect old lady. The stunning blonde is beautiful, strong and fiercely independent. Harmony refuses to lower the walls she’s created around her heart, but the fire inside her and her love for the club fuel his need to have her by his side, and on the back of his bike.

When Harmony’s safety is threatened, Kit is determined to do whatever it takes to protect her and prove that she can trust him. But after a lifetime of broken promises, will it be enough?

                                                              My opinion:
Harmony was a club girl at Brothers by Blood MC. She was also a college student, studying music. She liked being in the club, there they had a place to stay, food, money and the respect of the brothers. She didn't want to be tied down with a man, and certainly not to fall in love. So this kind of life suited her. Another chapter was visiting the club for a few days. Kit, the president of the other chapter, saw her dancing and he knew that he had to know her. Later he was more interested in her because she wasn't like the other club whores, she was Old Lady material even if she didn't know it. Soon enough he claimed her for as long he would be there. She wasn't so happy at first, she didn't want to get attached with a man. It was time to go for Kit and after Harmz almost got kidnapped he decided that he'd take her with him, she was his after all.  He promised to protect her but so far he failed twice, that didn't help Harm to trust him. The guy who tried to kidnapped her was more dangerous than they thought and he caused problems to them. Harmony had to get back to school and Kit wasn't happy because he couldn't be with her. He knew that his brothers there would protect her, but he was wrong about one of them and Harmony payed the price. The Brothers with their contacts and her mom's help found her very soon. They thought that this nightmare was over but this was only the beggining.

Great love story. It is the normal MC novel, with crazy parties, lots of sex, fights and love of course. The difference with the other books i have read is that here we see how much respect get the club whores who follow the rules. I liked that because they are usually treated as trash. All the male characters are sexy and bossy, Kit is a bit caveman too. He recently had became president of his chapter, he went to visit his best friend and then he found his future Old Lady. It was hard to convince her to take him up on that offer, but he wasn't a man who gave up easily. Harmony was a girl who knew that men was going to take what they want and then they will leave. That's why she chose to live in this life. She was a smart woman, strong and knew when to talk back. She and her friend Chelsea were very special to the club. Very well written and understandable story, the last chapter is about Optimus and i have to tell that i didn't expect the last part.

My favorite lines:

1)“And I’m yours, baby. If you’ll have me,” he replied with a soft kiss to my collar bone.
  I smiled. “Can I think about it?”
  “Fuck! No, you can’t.”

2)“Man, that girl can swing. You better watch your balls, Kit,” Blizzard chuckled. 

  “Don’t I know it,” I murmured. 

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