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Rellik by Teresa Mummert

Rellik Bentley is to die for. 

He can have any woman he wants and they will do anything to be with him. He uses and abuses them like drugs and tosses them out with the trash. The only thing he gives a f*ck about is his music. That is, until Ella Leighton walks into his life and stumbles upon one of his darkest secrets. In the midst of doing damage control, he begins to obsess over the mysterious woman who wants absolutely nothing to do with him.
Rellik won’t take no for an answer.

                                                                  My opinion:
Rellik was a fucked up guy. He had a tough early life, his only joy now was the music and the women he used for his pleasure only. Elle was a kid who grew up in the system because her parents were criminals. When she was older she started looking for her mom and some answers. For now she was a bartender in a bar in Orlando. One night when she was going to work, someone attacked her, thankfully for her a man came and rescued her. Later she found out who he was. Rellik helped Ella because she reminded him of his old girlfriend Katie. After spending a night together and a little searching from Ella's part, they figured out that they had something in common. She asked him a favor, Ryder promised to help her and he did, unfortunately the news for her mom wasn't good. Now it was time for both to take their revenge. In the end Ella was able to feel safe again and Ryder had earned a family he loved.

This isn't your normal love story. It's a dark novel it contains abuse, love and revenge. The two main characters have been through alot in their life. Ryder lost his dad early, that changed him alot made him tougher. The girl who helped him get through this and later loved him was abused by a monster, that made him "crazy". Years later he met the girl who would be his future, she was abused too, that made him a murderer. Ella had a rough life as well. Her parents were criminals, especially her dad. She never had a normal family. The years she spent in the system were the worst. She lived a nightmare but she was able to escape. Later she met the man who would love her and give her the life she deserved.

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