Rush (Pandemic Sorrow #2) by Stevie J. Cole

It’s my job to play music, to make girls wet, and then to screw a select few of them. I’m a professional rocker. I’m rich, I’m famous, I’m one lucky son-of-a-bitch. I have everything - except control.

The industry owns me. And the only thing I have a minuscule grain of control with is women, but not that dominate, tie you up and gag you kind of control. No, I want to govern how I make them feel. I need them to feel like a goddess while I’m in them, and I love being able to control the fact that they’ll never really have me. Love is complicated. It is bullshit. And even if I thought I needed it, the rules of being a rocker won’t allow it.

Sex is all I need.

I don’t need love.

But for some reason I want her. For some reason I can’t get her out of my mind. And lately, every time I’m with any girl besides her it feels wrong.

I can practically have any woman I want, but I can’t have her. She’s off limits because she’s part of that industry that owns my ass.

Sex was all I had.

And sometimes I thought maybe love was all I needed…with her.

                                                               My opinion:
Rush wanted for years the only woman he couldn't have,Jules their assistant manager. One night he had sex with her, but her admission that this was the biggest mistake of her life hurt him and pissed him off. One year later: Rush was diagnost with a chronic anxiety and a sex addiction, he refused to believe the second one. He had sex with many fans but he kept thinking about Jules. The band went on tour, he still fucked anything that  moved and his friend Jag was taking drugs to survive. Everything was "normal" in their crazy lives. Rush was still annoying Jules with sexual comments that made her see red. He wanted her and not only because she was forbidden to him. That's why he finally took the decision to go after her. They both agreed that they couldn't deny what there was between them, but they had to keep it  a secret. Rush knew he loved her but he couldn't admit it to her yet. Then one day he found out that his best friend was going to kill himself and that scared him. Everyone in the band felt like it was their fault for what happened to Jag. Like everything that happened to them wasn't enough their manager, James, started threating them so he could control their lives. And then came the final strike for Rush, he was informed that he might have a desease. That cost him his relationship with Jules. This was his wake up call. After that he changed and when he found the courage he went to claim his woman again.

The story unfolds the same period with Jag's. This isn't so dramatic as the first book. We mostly read about Rush's and Jules struggle of trying to be together. We don't have any information about the two main characters' past. Rush is a rock star male whore who loved women and parties. Until the day he realised how much he wanted and later loved Jules. Jules was working with the band for 6 years, she wanted Rush as well but she knew it couldn't work out between them because of their lives.

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