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Chained : A Bad Boy Romance by Nora Flite & Leah Holt

I've been knocked up by a killer 
I've never been the rule breaking type. Being professional meant everything to me. 
Then I met Owen. 
Inked, powerful, sexy beyond belief... 
And a convicted murderer. 
I was just supposed to talk to him, that was all. But things got out of control. 
When his hard muscles wrapped around my body, hands gripping every curve... my mind melted. There were no thoughts, no questions about what I was doing. 
I knew it was wrong, I should have said no, but I didn't. 
The way he f*cked me in my office was beyond explosive. 
I had become his in every way. 
Just like he wanted. 
And I needed. 
Now, I'm pregnant. 
I didn't expect to get knocked up by this bad boy. 
How do you tell the man you should want to run from that he's a father? 
I need time to think. 
Too bad he just got out of prison. 
And I can't hide from him any longer. 

                                                            My opinion:
Owen was going to get out of prison and Charlie as his therapist, had to make a report to prove that he was ready. She felt a pulling toward him, she wanted to really get to know him. Owen couldn't take her out of his mind either. He was waiting for the time that he would make her his while she was trying to suppress her feelings for him, but it wasn't working. As the time was passing she was seeing another side of him, not the murderer everyone was talking about. He had a few days left in the prison, in their last session things got out of control, they ended up having sex. She hadn't seen him since that day. Two months later she found out that she was pregnant by him. They met again by chance, their lust is still there but this time Owen doesn't want to lose her again. Charlie didn't know what to do with him, she wanted him but she knew that they had no future. Eventually she told him about the baby, he was so happy that he would have a family. But someone ruined it for him. The one person once cared for him was going to use his woman against him. All the years Owen spent in the prison made him wiser, so this time he took the right decision. He'd protect his family no matter what.

It's a nice story about two different people. Charlie,a well repsected therapist, known for her good work, falls for her patient. She has a very dynamic character, loves her job, cares about people. Owen is a person who hadn't had the best childhood. His love for his brother put him in big troubles. When he got out of prison he wasn't the same person as before, he was one of the people who truly change. They had a strong sexual tension. The sex scenes are raw and extremely hot.

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