Changed (The Wolf's Den #2) by Aline Hunter

Beta werewolf Declan Schroder knows Rachel Gentry is his mate. The hard-as-nails female is more than he could ask for—intense, clever and sexy as sin. There’s only one problem. Rachel is human and fears his kind. She’s receptive to his advances—their sexual chemistry is impossible to deny—until an attack by a rogue werewolf threatens to destroy their newfound bond. 

As Declan’s mating heat rises, he knows he’ll do whatever it takes to claim Rachel as his own. To keep her he’ll have to love her from dusk to dawn, introducing her to pleasures she’s never known. Loving a big, bad wolf is wicked and dangerous, but not in the way she’s bound to regret.

                                                                My opinion:
Rachel is Chloe's best friend. She isn't very social and she doesn't like werewolves. But there is a specific one that flirts with her and doesn't leave her alone. Declan knew that she was his mate and he had to woo her before biting her and making her his. One night a wolf bit her and the changing started immediately. The next day when she woke up Chloe told her everything but Rachel wasn't accepting the truth. Declan wanted to help her but she was so stubborn and afraid. Rachel was tired of the life she was living so far, she wanted a real family, that's why she let Declan to claim her. Chloe's attack had alarmed the whole pack, they needed to find the person behind it and soon. They didn't catch that person yet, but Rachel's transition went well. She now belonged to a big caring family.

Sweet and interesting story. It continues from where the first ended. Here we have a human, Rachel, and a wolf, Declan. We see how she accepts her new life and her transformation. Also we have the attack against Chloe and Shane finally discovered his mate.

My favorite line:
“I’m not your Boo-Boo and you sure as shit aren’t my Teddy Bear.”

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