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Marked ( The Wolf's Den #1) by Aline Hunter

Fantasy becomes reality if you carry the mark...

Chloe Bryant doesn’t know what to expect when she enters The Wolf’s Den. Drawn to the werewolf tattoo parlor for reasons she can’t explain, she soon discovers the sexy man from her dreams isn’t a figment of her imagination. Not only is Jackson Donovan real, but he explains the dreams they shared are due to their destined mating. It can’t be possible. She’s not a werewolf. Even if he swears the mark on her wrist indicates otherwise.

Jackson is stunned to discover the beautiful minx from his dreams isn’t a full-blooded werewolf but a Halfling. The only way to uncover Chloe’s past is to stake a claim to her future. By taking the delectable female into his bed, he’ll unlock every secret she has to hide -- as well as awaken the passion she’s tucked away for too long -- by exploring her mind, body and soul one sweet inch at a time.

                                                                     My opinion:
Chloe's mother had died when she was little. She grew up with her grandparents. Everything were fine until the changes in her body came and a crescent mark on her rist. She didn't know what was happening but she  had to find out soon. That's how she ended up in the Wolf's Den, a tattoo parlor. Jackson was surprised when he saw his mate coming in the store. Especially when he realised that she was ignorant to what was happening to her. He explained a few things to her and then he claimed her. Before he showed her to the pack he had to find out who her father was. They found out part of the story but they had to deal with alot of issues: as in how to deal with her dad and how easy or difficult would be for Chloe to be a Lupa.

It is a nice paranormal story about a young girl who in only a few days finds out who she really is and experiences her first transformation. Her mate's (Jackson) help made everything easier for her. Jackson was the alpha of the pack, very dominating figure who knew exactly what his female and the entire pack needed. Chloe wasn't a girl who you could boss around and her wolf was an Alpha with a temper. We read parts of the second book which is about Cloe's best friend Rachel and the Beta of the pack Declan.

There were alot of sex scenes since Chloe's wolf was in heat because of the silver moon. The story was very interesting and understandable.

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