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Desired ( Twin Alphas #2) by Georgette St. Clair

A week-long festival full of hot Alpha werewolf twins who are sniffing around looking for their forever mates…what’s not to love? Plenty, if you’re Mackenzie Kaye, who was humiliated at last year’s festival when she was ditched by the Alpha pair she’d been yearning for. 

But this year things are different – the Alpha pair have summoned her to their cabin, and now they’ll stop at nothing to claim her. Why the sudden change of heart? What mysterious secret are they hiding, and who is trying to sabotage their budding relationship?

                                                                    My opinion:

Ajax and Barron had  to go to the claiming festival, but the first one wished they didn't have to. They had both found their mate but they couldn't claim her without putting her life at risk. They were trying to find a solution to their problem. Mackenzie was there this year as well, but she wasn't as happy as last year since she wasn't expect anything to happen. Ajax and his brother found her, they talked for a while and then they claimed her. The next day she was accident prone which scared them. So Barron decided to leave the festival and start searching on how to solve the curse. It was very hard to find out what happened since no one was willing to talk. But eventually they found the right people who helped them. In the end Mackenzie could have many cubs with them, just like she always dreamed of.

A short story with sexy cursed werewolves, a lunatic alpha mate wannabe, and a female mate who's fighting for her future  life.

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