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Rule (Songs of Corruption #3) by C.D. Reiss

Book Three in The Corruption Series. You must read SPIN and RUIN before reading RULE! 

Theresa and Antonio.
They've been through hell. Antonio has a price on his head for turning his back on a marriage deal, and Theresa has no intention of turning her back on him. They're devoted and strong, ready for anything.... 

A Love Tested To The Limit 
And then, someone from Antonio's past reappears. Someone who can give him everything he ever wanted, and who can shake them to their very core.


In this stunning conclusion to the USA Today Bestselling series, Antonio and Theresa will have their passion, their devotion and their very will to live tested.

                                                              My opinion:
Antonio and Theresa had escaped from that house and went to tijuana. Daniel was trying to find out if they left or died in the explosion. Antonio knew that they would come for him so he had to prepare her  to live without him again. One of Antonio's friends helped them go back to LA, so they can visit Theresa's brother. People were coming after them because they had a price on their head. Antonio tried to get forgiveness by Donna Maria using the new information he had about his family. It was very difficult since his whole team seemed that betrayed him. Antonio fell into their trap, they had him and they were going to kill him. But Theresa wasn't going to let them do it, she'd do anything for him. She almost died so he can be alive. In the end they were both alive but they would never be the same after everything that happened.

This book looks more like a suspense than a love story. In the whole story they are trying to escape from the Italian Mafia without success. Every time they tried to protect each other they made things worst. There's so much betrayal in this one, but there are a few moments of happiness as well.

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