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That Which Destroys Me by Kimber S. Dawn

A beautiful, enchanting story of love, happiness—*Record needle scratches across vinyl* 
I'm just f==king with you. Love, happiness, and fairy tales… Yeah, they don't live here anymore. 
The only things residing amongst these thin and baren walls are Dominance, submission, and twisted obsession. 
Stella gets knocked down over and over throughout her life… Though she is bloodied and battered she stands back up every single time, smirks and nods before asking, "That all you got?". 
Wesley has shoved his way through the rich life with both middle fingers up. He's also shoved his way through half of the socialite population, but all that vanilla lifestyle has left him a starved man. 
He knows he can't keep his Dom fed with kinky little masochistic vanilla's anymore. 
On his mission to find the perfect sub, Wesley stumbles across a broken, shattered angel, only to find when she comes up swinging, that this little angel knows how to fight. 
He wants to be the one who breaks her… 
But it's not a question of who breaks her, the question is who destroys her. 

“We will fight, angel. We’ll fight hard. But it’ll be worth every strike below the belt. Every hateful or spiteful word said, because when we love, when we fuck, when our passion reaches an intensity so goddamn powerful like it has every single time, it’ll extinguish all the bad. I want all your hate, Stell… Just as much as I want all your love. We are doing this. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop it, angel. Is that understood?” 

***Be Prepared to Expect the UNEXPECTED*** 

                                                                 My opinion:

Wesley is a very successful playboy who happens to be a Dom as well. He had everything but he was still sad. The few moments of excitement were when he visited his favorite BDSM club,Chained. Stella was looking for an internship and found one at the Jacobs Publishing House. Wesley liked Stella alot, she was the perfect intern for the Jacobs internship. He went to Chained to find a submissive but Stella had stuck on his mind, so he decided to convince her to be his. The first time he talked to her about it didn't go very well. But he wasn't quitting he was going to win her over. He convinced her to try and see if she liked it. He was right, Stella was a submissive and she was his. Their relationship wasn't perfect but it was working. One night Wesley witnessed one of her nightmares, and since she wasn't ready to talk, he decided to make a little search. Unfortunately he didn't find a way to help her before a man from her past took her away.
It started so sweet,but it turned out to be a horror story. At first i really liked it, it was the usual romantic story where the broken girl falls in love with the billionaire playboy. Everything good so far, then the guy (Wesley) starts to fall in love with the girl (Stella) too and he wants to help and protect her. I'm loving it even more, but then comes the betrayal and the horror story begins, which is the part that made me to not like it so much. Also the end isn't the one i prefer in the books i read.

In between the Wesley and Stella chapters there is the Monster which i have to say that it confused me alot.There is a scene in one of the "Monster" chapters that is so damn graphic, it was disgusting and horrifying. I can't even count the moments i said the phrase "What The Fuck?" The two main characters had alot in common: none of them believed in love, they were fighters and succeeded by themselves without any help. I loved Stella because after everything that happened to her she didn't break, she was so strong and was still fighting so she can have the life she deserved.

My favorite lines:
1)My eyes slide down her face and I watch as her neck bobbles, trying to swallow… She does swallow too—Just in case you were wondering.

2)“Did you just slap my pussy? Did you just open-palm slap the fuck out of my pussy?!”

3)“That’s quite alright, Rachel. One day, when you grow up, you’ll learn  being a whore is different than knowing how to fuck and suck like a whore.

4)“Wesley Jacobs. If you think I am walking into that office, past the receptionist that swallowed your cock for breakfast, to sit behind a desk for the rest of the day, in my current, very obviously been fucked state, you have lost your damn marbles, baby.” 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                     That Which Destroys Me

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