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So I Married A Rockstar : A Bad Boy Romance

I hate rockstars. All of them. But there’s one in particular… 

Drax is cocky, brash and one pitchfork away from being the devil himself. But he’s also the sexiest jerkwad I’ve ever met. Worse than that, he seems to crave my curves just as much as I long for his rock-hard, tattoo-covered body. 

What am I supposed to do, just ignore those mesmerizing ice-blue eyes? Or how all my bits and pieces tighten whenever he’s near? Or the way his voice gets all husky when he calls me Lola? 

Yeah, right. 

That’s how I ended up on a tour bus headed for Vegas as the band’s new manager. But it’s only temporary, much like what’s going on between Drax and me. I just wish he’d got the memo. Oh sure, he’s putting on a good show that this is more than a fling, but I know he’s just like every other bad boy, heavy metal musician. 

Want to know the worst part? I don’t like heavy metal or bad boys. 

Maybe I’ll lie to myself a little longer.

                                                               My opinion:
Lauren was an assistant in Harry Stephens Productions. Her boss  sent her to manage a signing for the lead singer from the Roadkill band. He was late and Lauren was fuming. If she screwed up she would be fired. She didn't realise how she went from hating Drax to kissing him. She was confused and went to talk to her best friend Pepper. Things didn't work out in the concert so Lauren lost her job but immediately found another one, as a manager of the band. She booked them a new concert since their last one was cancelled, and it was pure success. They went to celebrate and when she woke up the next morning she had a terrible headache and a wedding ring in her finger. She immediately asked for an annulment. Their band wasn't doing well since they had no concerts but Lauren was trying very hard to find something for them.  Also her relationship with Drax wasn't going well either because of her insecurities. At the end she finally did it, she made them famous and she was going to marry the man she loved. Lauren was happy with her new lifestyle, as a manager and a wife of a rockstar.

Very sweet, crazy, romantic story. Amazing characters, all of them so different. The rockstars don't act as the usual party animals. This story contains people with addiction, strong friendship, love at first sight. Lauren is a good girl gone bad. She was a hardworking girl, who had  a goal in her life and she was commited to it. Then everything changed when she met Drax, in only a few months her whole perspective changed and so did her life. Drax was a great person and singer who wanted nothing more than continue his career and marry the girl he loved.

My favorite line:
Telling me to relax is like telling a nervous chihuahua to relax. Ain't gonna happen.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                           so i married a rockstar

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