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The Rocker Who Betrays Me ( The Rocker #11) by Terri Anne Browning


I’ve always loved Zander Brockman in some shape or form. The boy who lived next door for the first seventeen years of my life has been my best friend, my confidant, my first crush, and my first love. I trusted him with my life and my heart. When he smiled at me I knew everything was going to be okay…

Until it wasn’t.


I haven’t seen that girl in seventeen years, and I’ve missed her every damn day. I knew I wasn’t good enough for her, so the night before I left with my bandbrothers for California, I stole a night with her. I lived off those memories. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t wanted to talk to her just one more time, but I knew she deserved a better man than me. Now, after seeing her again, I realize that I didn’t care if she should have a better man. My feelings were still as strong as they have ever been for her. I wanted to be with her…

But she hated the very sight of me.

                                                                 My opinion:
Anabelle and Zander were old friends and neighbours. When she had problems with her family he was the first person she went to. Their feelings changed alot when they were older, they fell in love with each other. When her brother Noah found out what was happening to her, he told her to move in with him. Annabelle was heartbroken that Zander broke his promise he gave her. Soon Zander's band, OtherWorld, were going to sign a contract and go to California. He promised her that he'd get her with him when he could and that they were going to get married. But he broke his promise for one more time. Present day: Annabelle is in California helping her client, Brie, after the accident she had. After what Zander had done to her she can't stand being around him. It's like a pain slices through her every time she sees or even hears his name. Life had a big surprise for Zander that made him feel like a big jerk. He wanted to be in Anna's life again so he talked to her and tried to spend as much time as he could with her and the rest of the family. He told her that he was going to marry her one day and this time he was going to keep his promise. After seventeen years they had their happily ever after.

This is the most romantic story of this book series. There's no crazy band concerts, no fighting, just simple love with a bit of a heartbreak. The two main characters are Zander and Annabelle. He had OCD that made him feel bad about himself, and took some bad decisions about his life because of that. Annabelle was the sweetest girl, everyone loved her, when she grew up she was very strong and successful in her job. Unlike most of the people,she never judged him, instead accepted him for who he was. He was her hero and she was the only person who could calm him down.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                        The Rocker Who Betrays Me

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