Σάββατο, 14 Νοεμβρίου 2015

99¢ SALE ELLA’S LOVE by Jasmine Lee

♩♪♫♬♭99¢ SALE ELLA’S LOVE♭♬♫♪♩
#99Sale #EllasLove #Contemporary #Romance #JasmineLee
For a limited time and for the FIRST time ever Ella’s Love by Jasmine Lee is on sale for 99¢ normally $1.99

Readers are saying:
"Ella's Love brought you into an emotional roller coaster and even a day or so after I finished it, I still feel like I'm on that roller coaster. And that is hard for authors to do."

"You'll feel the love, the heartbreak and most of all you'll feel the appreciation of love and life in your own life. "

"This book takes you through so many emotions, you go from happiness too heartbreak and then total devastation." 

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