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Hard to Break ( Alpha's heart #2) by Bella Jewel

Quinn has spent her whole life working in her dad's garage, leaving her more comfortable with a carburetor than a curling iron. Her world is turned upside down when her beloved garage is bought by none other than world famous, sexy as sin, custom car builder, Tazen Watts. He's the one man she can't stand...even though he makes her hotter than a high performance engine in top gear.
Tazen has no use for Quinn, at least not professionally, and he's making sure she knows it. But there's a spark between them that she's finding hard to ignore. She's determined to prove her talent is as impressive as her sassy mouth. When she finds out Tazen is hiding a secret that could bring down his career and everyone involved in it, she wonders: is falling for him is going to be work the risk?

                                                      My opinion:
Quinn was living with her alcoholic father and was responsible for their garage. She had no girl friends and no time to go out and have fun like most 25 year old girls. The garage wasn't going very well, the bills were piling up. That's when Tazen Watts appeared with an offer for the shop. She was hurt by the thought that she might lose the place but she wasn't going to give up. They rest employees promised that they helped her find a plan to gather the money. Tazen managed to buy the garage, she was pissed with the way he did that so she was going to retaliate. He messed with the wrong girl. She tormented him for a week and then convinced him to give her a job. The hatred turned into lust, which led them to have sex, various times. His ex crazy girlfriend was causing major problems to them. He was trying to get rid of her but it wasn't very easy, she knew things that could destroy him. When they realised that their feelings were deep they stopped hiding their relationship. Tazen helped her fix her life and created the car of her dreams.

What do you do when the person you admire comes and steals the only thing you love? You show him how bad you're hurting, you fall in love with each other and living the dream together. Tazen was a very successful mechanic who could build the best cars, could have any woman he wanted but he was after the only one who refused to give in to his charm. Quinn was a strong caring and fun girl, who loved to be around cars and couldn't have the life she wanted because of her alcoholic father.

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