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Prince Albert ( A Step Brother Romance #4) by Sabrina Paige

Prince Albert is a royal prick.

He’s the most famous one on the planet – wealthy, gorgeous, and a notorious playboy. He’s also the most conceited, insufferable, arrogant man I’ve ever met.

Did I mention he’s a freaking prince? An actual, real life Prince Not-So-Charming.

He’s tattooed and pierced, too. Prince Albert has a Prince Albert piercing. That's right – he's pierced you-know-where. Allegedly. I’ve never seen it.

My mother is marrying a king. Being a princess is every girl’s fantasy, right?

Except that means Albie is my new stepbrother.

Oh, and one more thing -- I accidentally married him.

We’re keeping the biggest secret on the planet.

Ever heard the fairy tale about the Princess and her stepbrother?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I’m royally screwed.

                                                              My review:
Belle's mother was going to marry a king, so she was going to be a princess. But she had a secret who could destroy that marriage and she was terrified. You see Belle and her new step-brother got married in Vegas a couple weeks ago and none of them took an annulment. Albert was enjoying the whole thing while Belle was hoping that this wouldn't be exposed by anyone. Albie's current enjoyment was to give Belle hell. He liked that she was able to talk back to him and she didn't care about his status. A few days later they started playing a very "dangerous" but fun game. Somehow they managed to "forget" how wrong it was to be involved with each other and with every chance they got they sneak out to enjoy themselves. After a month, someone leaked the information about their affair on the press. In the end, both Belle and Albert had to decide if they loved each other enough to face this situation together and then move forward.

It's like a sweet fairytale with lots of adult fun. Belle was a good girl who loved to do charity work. She was intelligent, fun, caring. Albie was a cocky prince, womanizer and the press loved him for all the wrong reasons. That was until he met her, then he showed how nice and fun he could be when he wanted. It's a very entertaining book, not only because of the intimate scenes between the two main characters but also about the funny scenes where they give hell to each other.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                             Prince Albert

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