Beauty and the Boss (Modern Fairytales #1) by Diane Alberts

Beauty is about to tame her beast...

Researcher Maggie Donovan has no luck with men, and it doesn't help that she can't keep her eyes off of her sexy boss - the one everyone else in the office calls The Beast. Relationships in the office are forbidden. So no one is more surprised than Maggie when she pretends to be his fiancée to save him during a difficult situation. Not only has she put her job on the line, but the future of the company.

Billionaire Benjamin Gale III doesn't believe in love or romance, but the look on his mother's face when Maggie tells her that she's his fiancée is worth millions. Instead of firing her for her insubordination, he goes along with the ruse. In his arms-and in his bed-she'd be everything he could ever want…which is why he can't have her.

But if he doesn't let her go, they'll lose everything…

                                                                           My opinion:
Benjamin Gale was working hard for the last five years. He loved his company and he wasn't going to let anyone take it from his hands. Benjamin had developed a sort of a crush for one of his employees but couldn't act on it. That didn't mean he couldn't think about her everyday in sweet and dirty ways. One Friday night he decided to do something nice, have a simple dinner with Maggie since both working late and it ended in a disaster. His mother gave him an ultimatum, he had to announce an engagement before the next boarding meeting or he'd lose his position as CEO. To his surprise his loyal employee saved the day by announcing "their engagement". The only thing they needed to do was to make everyone believe they were in love, but they had to set some rules so noone would get hurt in the end. They set the rules on their first date but broke some of them in the second, Benjamin wanted her for a long time and he let her know about it. He wasn't going to pretend anymore. Slowly they were getting to know each other, they realised they had alot in common and enjoyed themselves alot. Benjamin for the first time in his life was happy, which made his mother furious enough to create an evil plan so she can broke them apart. Both fell into her trap and were so miserable. When he found out the truth he was determined to find and earn Maggie back, even if he had to sacrifice everything he had work for.

It's like a modern fairytale. We have the beast, a man who lived only for his work and was strict with everyone. Until the moment he got to know his beauty better, she changed him made him happier and showed him how to enjoy his life. Maggie, the beauty, was a smart girl funny a tiny bit weird. None of them believed in love for their own reasons but eventually they did. Like in every other fairytale this has its villain too, Benjamin's mother. It has some parts that are so sweet and other that are very funny. In other words it's a very pleasant book.

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