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Meant to Be Yours (Warning: Love Moderately #2) by Marian Tee

After years of trying to deny her feelings, curvy 21-year-old bookworm Jaike Hepburn has succumbed to the inevitable. She no longer cares what the whole school thinks if they find out the truth: the devilishly wicked and gorgeous billionaire heir Derek Christopoulos has become her Dom, and she his Sub.
By belonging to Derek, Jaike realizes that time, space, privacy - all of it means nothing to Derek. He wants to be WITH her. IN her. Do everything FOR her. Every second of the day.

Life with her possessive Dom is beautifully twisted and dangerously addictive...until the day Derek rips her heart into pieces.

That's when Jaike realizes the truth.

He may be her one and only Dom, but she is just one of the many Subs in his bed.

                                                             My opinion:
Derek Christopoulos knew from a young age that he was a Dom. He didn't want to cause troubles to his parents so he managed to hide his dark side from everyone. From the age of seventeen he was looking for his perfect submissive, seven years later she was his. Jake was an independent girl, she need space and time to make decisions. So when Derek tried to move in with her without letting her know she panicked and said things she didn't mean to. Even though he was hurt he didn't react as she was expected him to. Derek realised that her fears were caused by something in her past and he was going to wait patiently until the day she was ready to tell him about it. Many days later the green eyed monster, jealousy, made her first appearance and tore them apart. With one action Derek managed to broke her trust. Of course this wasn't the end for them, Derek was going to fight for her until the very end.

I loved it. So intense, sweet and sexy. In this book, we see who the two main characters really are. Derek a handsome young Dom, a perfect example of an alpha male who wasn't afraid to go after and fall on his knees for the girl he loved. Jaike was a nerdy kind girl, from a young age she was scarred from things she had seen which to this day had made her hold back and ruin her chance for happiness. Derek was the only one who was fighting for this relationship but in the end, it was totally worth it.

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                                      Meant to be yours

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