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For Angelo (Full-Length Standalone Italian Billionaire Romance) by Marian Tee

He was my fallen angel. 
Beautiful, twisted, imperfect. 
He opened my eyes to the truth about myself, of how the kind of love I craved was different from everyone else’s. 
Pain was the sweetest agony, cruel and jealousy the most exquisite foreplay. 
He was my sadist, and I was his perfect match.

                                                               My opinion:
Lane was a young girl who had a rough life, which left her with a mental illness. She was afraid of rich people. One day while she was on campus she met a man who looked like a fallen angel. His name Angelo Valencia, she fell in love with him from the very first moment. Angelo too felt she belonged to him, and when he couldn't stay away from her anymore he went and claimed her. From the beginning, he told her he was a sadist and showed her that she was a masochist. Soon it was obvious to her that she loved the torment and the emotional pain of him, and he loved causing that to her. One problem that presented was that he was filthy rich, so they had to find ways to accommodate her to his world. Day by day he helped her overcome her fears and made her the happiest girl on the planet by asking her to be his girlfriend. They were living happily together until the day his and his family secrets were on the news. Because he loved her so much and didn't want to hurt her he sent her away. One chance encounter with her and he realised how wrong that decision was. The sadist and the masochist had a beautiful wedding where they celebrated their unique kind of love.

This is the sweetest story that I have read about the relationship of a sadist and his beloved masochist. Angelo was a control freak Italian billionaire who believed that he wasn't worth of love. That changed of course when he met "his Lane". She was a young naive girl, hopeless romantic with a heart of gold. Their story wasn't the usual, boy meets girl they fall in love and make a big happy family. No, they had  to go through hell before any of this had a chance to happen.
In general, I liked and enjoyed this book since it is very interesting and it kept me on my toes. I would have liked to know about the main characters past, a few more goofy scenes between Lane and Angelo would be nice as well. Their love scenes were amazing though and sometimes the tormenting ones were enjoyable as well.

My favourite lines:
1)And then Angelo leaned forward. “Can you help me?”
  Become smarter? she wondered.

2)Sometimes, you had to lose something to know how to keep it forever.

3)Angelo said pleasantly, “Asshole as always, Christopoulos.”

  Derek only laughed. “Like I always say, it takes one to know one.” 

                             You can buy it on Amazon:
                                          For Angelo

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