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Unwillingly Yours (Warning: Love Moderately #1) by Marian Tee


Nerdy. Boring. Unavailable. 18-year-old Jaike Hepburn is happiest when those words are used - and they always are - to describe her. Anything is better than the truth...until she meets a billionaire heir who makes it impossible to deny her true self.

Gorgeous. Charming. Friendly. As part of both a business and political dynasty, 21-year-old Derek Christopoulos is used to living his life in the limelight, pretending to be the embodiment of a modern-day prince. Throughout his life, he's kept his secret side leashed, waiting patiently for that one girl who'd find pleasure in belonging to him, body and soul.

Even as the feelings he arouses in Jaike pushes her into the arms of his rival, Derek knows it's only a matter of time before the truth between them is laid bare. 

                                                           My opinion:
The story of a Dom who recognises his one and only sub with just one look at her and a nerdy girl who finally accepts who she really is.

Jaike was a student at the Christopoulos university. She was dating Angelo, a very popular ad rich young man. She was happy with him until recently, he had changed a lot and was neglecting her. One night her friend dragged her to a party, there she saw the man she was avoiding, Derek Christopoulos. He was the only man who made her feel things she shouldn't. Then she saw her boyfriend with another girl and that hurt her but the way he treated her when she confronted him was way worst. Derek was after her for three years, he knew they belonged together even if she denied him. Now it was the time to show her how good and right would be everything between them. Their first night together was amazing but the morning light brought bad memories to her.

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                                       Unwillingly yours

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