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Pollyanna and the Greek Billionaire ( Innocent and Betrayed part 1) by Marian Tee

Greek billionaire Kyrillos Gazis once fell in love, only to be betrayed. 
Now without a heart, he is determined to see the young and innocent Pollyanna as a fling. He doesn’t realize how important she’s become to him, doesn’t realize how much he’s become used to seeing the stars in her eyes…until the day he sees her packing, intending to leave him. 

                                                                My opinion:
Kyrillos was a young and very handsome billionaire. He was in a long-term relationship with his high school sweetheart, Ana. Then one day she left him, she needed to follow her own dreams. That hurt him a lot, since that day he became cynical and had never felt love for any woman. Four years later: It was Pollyanna's first visit to the famous island Teleios, she was going to work to her godparents' farm and have fun on the island. One afternoon by accident she met the Master of the island, Kyrillos. At first, he was rude to her and acted like a tyrant but after a while, he changed his attitude. Against his better judgement, Kyrillos started spending time with the young Pollyanna. He knew he should leave her alone and that he would hurt her in the end, but he just couldn't do it.  Kyrillos promised to himself that Pollyanna would be his summer fling, now the only thing he had to do was keep that promise. She was making him more happy and relaxed so he tried to keep her away for a while. That didn't work either. Kyrillos ability to love might have been vanished the day his ex-girlfriend left him, but he vowed to make his little blowfish the happiest girl on the earth.

One of the sweetest and most romantic stories i have ever read. It's about a man who has been hurt by a woman and a beautiful innocent and kind girl. I don't think i have ever read about a character like Pollyanna. She's so kind to everyone, not a selfish bone in her body, always thinking the best about everyone and trying to help. Her actions had transformed Kyr from a brooding guy to a happy person full of energy, just like her. Kyr is the perfect Alpha male, devastating handsome well mannered but a bit broken. I read it all in once and i loved every minute of it...

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                   Pollyanna and the Greek Billionaire

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