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Raw by Tawny Taylor

Kendall Tremaine is content with her life. Sure, she is still haunted by the ghosts of a dark past, still searching for redemption from selfish actions. But she wakes each morning, hoping it is just around the corner. Until a trip to Spain turns her life upside down. She is sold as a sex slave. To a devastatingly handsome–and dangerous—billionaire. A billionaire who is more monster than man.

But it is the man’s tenderness that threatens to destroy her…not the monster’s cruelty.

Kace Ramos loves the sight of women knotted in his ropes. He enjoys their whimpers of pain. He craves their screams of terror. He never has a shortage of beautiful women in his dungeon. Some quietly submissive, some openly defiant, he strips them raw and then sends them home, broken and bruised. But the unbreakable Kendall does something no slave has ever done. Her cries of pleasure shatter his barriers, making him feel things he’s never felt before…things he thought he could never feel. Even before their time is up, he knows he’ll never get her out of his mind…or his heart.

The man will do whatever it takes to make her his. But the monster won’t be satisfied until he has torn her to pieces.

                                                             My review:
Kendall was a simple girl who was waiting for her Prince to take her away and live happily ever after. One night she signed in a matchmaking site for rich people and after a long time they arranged her a blind date in Spain. Kendall wasn't happy about it but she couldn't turn this town. They flew her there, to a beautiful place she thought was a hotel, but she soon found out that this was her rude billionaire's house. When she met him she realised that she didn't go there for a blind date but she had been sold as a sex slave for six days. She did everything she could to get out of this but she failed. Ramos was smarter and stronger than her. In only a few minutes with him, she went from kicking and screaming to surrendering and welcoming his touch. In her attempt to escape from him she was injured. Through this torture he put her through, Kendall found a way to pay for her past mistakes. After that, something changed inside him and he let her free. Her friend came to take her, they stayed in Spain as a mini vacation as they promised each other from the beginning. Sid and Kendall were having fun when Kace came to find her and ask her to come back. For some weird reason, she accepted with one condition. In this short time together they accepted this strange connection they had, Kace loved inflicting pain on her and Kendall loved receiving it.

It's a strange but interesting book. The beginning is nice, the poor girl finally has a chance to fulfil her dream. Then it gets weird when her dream transforms into a nightmare, where she's being beaten and was treated like a whore/slave. From the middle of the story till the end the romance is building since the heroine sees kindness and love inside the monster. In general was a nice story, with two people who had like serious problems, but finding each other worked a cure for them. I would really have liked a little background story about their past so we can find out why they were like that in the first place.

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