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Suddenly Beautiful by Boone Brux

Being the son of Aphrodite isn't a walk in the clouds. Rebelling against his demi-god status, billionaire make-up mogul Toraos Stephanos fights to separate his personal life and the immortal world by swearing off demi-god girlfriends forever. Too bad his newest employee can't take the hint.

Though Nikki secretly pines for her smoking hot boss, no way will she jeopardize her job and independence professing her love to a guy so clearly out of her league. Too bad that leaves her with only imagining him naked and thinking evil thoughts about the new girl.

After a single bottle of Ambrosia and one night of passion... Nikki finally thinks she has a chance with the man of her dreams. But the next morning, Tor pretends like nothing happened, leaving Nikki with an emerging drive for combat—after all, turns out she is the daughter of Ares and she's about to make her mama proud.

All is fair in love and war... and Nikki's not about to let anyone forget it.

                                                           My opinion:
Nikki was in love with her boss for the last 6 years. Tor was a gorgeous workaholic semi-god, so was Nikki. She cared about him a lot just like his mother who wanted him to stop working so much and start living his life. As expected, when Belle told him that one day he might lose the most important thing in his life he didn't understand what was she talking about. That is until the next day when he saw Nikki flirting with another man. He owned her for a night and then nothing. The next day started good for Nikki but got depressing and weird very soon. Tor was trying to make everything as it was before with no success. When Tor saw that Nikki's powers were awakened he decided to talk to her about everything. She was shocked but after she talked with her friend she calmed down a bit. Her friend helped her create a plan on how to make her boss see what he was missing. Tor couldn't keep his hands off her, he was wondering how he missed her beauty all these years. Unfortunately instead of things going smoothly for them, they became more complicated since gods and vain women were involved.

If she got him in bed—unmolested—she’d deserve a raise.

A simple storyline with many machinations, sexy and funny scenes.

A girl in love with her boss, he never noticed her until their one hot night. After that he tried to stay away with no success, in the end, he did everything he could to keep her. I liked Nikki's character, she was nice and very caring, she also had a big temper which led to a lot of funny incidents. Tor was a little coward at first but later he was her knight in shining armor.

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                                             Suddenly Beautiful

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