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When I Moan: Russian Stepbrother Romance by Marian Tee

When I smile, I think about how lucky I am, to have the three hottest guys in town doting on me.

When I scowl, I think about how unlucky I am, to have three crazy protective Russians as stepbrothers.

When I cry, I tell myself I’ll never do anything to jeopardize what we have.

But oh, when I moan…I tell myself it’s just for work.

When I moan, no one should know I can only feel this beautiful, terrible need to touch and be touched by secretly fantasizing about him---


The gorgeous Russian celebrity every girl wants to own---

And the one man I’m forbidden to even want…because he’s the stepbrother I’ve fallen in love with.

So I just moan, knowing that one day he’d fall for another girl and then I’ll have to close my eyes, hoping that my moans can mask my tears.

                                                            My opinion:
Seri's mother had married Fyodor Grachyov when she was five years old, so he was her new father, her new brothers were Misha, Sergei and Vassi. The first two brothers were overprotective of her, which caused her alot of problems at school. Her favourite was the last one who was close to her age. Then one day everything changed, she started had feelings for him which confused her. Over the years, those feelings were getting stronger but she could do nothing about it, they were a family after all. Vassi felt the same but he chose to not give in, he valued his family more that his feelings. When Seri figured it out instead of giving up she came up with a plan.

In this book, we read about Seri's story: how much her family loves her and treasure her. Also her struggle on how she tries to hide her love for her stepbrother. I liked it, it has a simple storyline, the only thing i didn't like is that it ends with a cliffhanger.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                               When i moan

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