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A Sinful Vow ( Inked Angels MC #1) by Zoey Parker

I'm about to marry a monster – and there's not a thing I can do to stop it. 
I don't deserve this. 
All I wanted was to escape my past. 
But when my brother needed me to get him out of trouble, 
I didn't have a choice. 

Now I'm standing at the altar with an animal... 
A handsome, rugged animal. 

He's going to bend me over. 
Break me. 
Swallow me whole. 

And I'm about to be his... 
'til death do us part. 

I don't chase girls – I replace them. 
And I thought I'd seen the last of Olivia. 
But when the survival of the club depends on it, 
I didn't have a choice. 

But now that I'm about to marry her, 
there's only one thing on my mind: 

Finish what I started. 

She might hate me, but I don't give a damn. 
I'm going to make her MINE 

                                                             My opinion:
Olivia lost her parents at a young age and was living with her brother Luke, who was a member of the Inked Angels MC. He was overprotected of her, so when he caught her crush, Blaze a young member of the club, kissing her he went apeshit and kicked him out of Austin and the club. Five years later the Houston club wanted to make peace with the Austin and they were going to succeed that with a marriage. This burden fell to Blaze. He was pissed that he was going to lose his freedom. Olivia wasn't happy either with that but she would do anything for her only family. On her wedding day, she was surprised to finally see who her husband was going to be. It was like a dream come true but in the wrong time and for the wrong reason. Both made each others life hell until they couldn't suppress their feelings anymore. That's when their fake marriage became real. Not soon after that, her brother's betrayal put their lives at risk and they only people who could save them were those who he betrayed.
Many of their brothers lost their lives but Blaze was able to save his wife.

This story is full of booze, sex and betrayal. Blaze is like every other biker, he loved his bike his brothers and he liked the variety of women. But that changed, we saw a more sweet side of him that wanted to settle down with his woman. Olivia seemed to be a strong-willed woman, but in the right time with the right man she became " a good little girl". The scenes between them were funny and very hot. The fighting scenes were good as well.

You can buy it from Amazon:

                                                                 A Sinful Vow

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