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The Strongest Steel ( Second Circle Tattoos #1) by Scarlett Cole

Harper Connelly never expected to find herself outside of a tattoo parlor at one in the morning, summoning the nerve to take back her past. She's determined to forget her old life and is looking for an artist who can tattoo over the scars on her back.

Trent Andrews, local legend and owner of the Second Circle tattoo studio, has his own reasons for specializing in inking over scars. And in spite of her mysterious past and the difficult road ahead, he quickly realizes that Harper is funny, smart, and--under her ridiculously oversized clothing and SPF 100 sunscreen--totally hot. He's happy to take on the challenge of designing a meaningful and deadly full-back tattoo for her.

But when cryptic messages start appearing on Harper's phone, strange deliveries arrive at her door, and Second Circle is vandalized, Harper is convinced that her ex-boyfriend has tracked her down, and worse, that he knows about Trent. Running was the only thing that saved her last time, but now that she's started to put down roots in Miami, she'll have to decide if she can finally fight back instead.

                                                                 My opinion:
Harper was trying to get away from her past and start living her life again. She had moved to Miami and worked as a waitress in a cafe. The only thing she needed to do to move on was to cover the scars on her back, the right person to do that was Trent. He was the best for the job so one night she went to see him. He was shocked at first by what he saw, but for some reason, he really wanted to help her. This was the beginning of something amazing for both. He drew a beautiful tattoo for her, every time they met they came closer and eventually fell for each other. After so many years it was the first time she felt happiness, unfortunately, the person who had hurt her in the past was coming to finish the job and was informing her through various ways.The knowledge that he was coming for her was enough to make her sign up for defense lessons. The day she was dreading came sooner than she expected, he abducted her. Her braveness and her closest friends were some of the reasons she survived this nightmare.

I loved every minute of this book. The storyline was very interesting just like the characters. It had many levels: the usual boy meets girl and they fell in love but also it got deep in various stages where you see the struggle of a woman who was abused and she was almost "broken", trying to fix herself and her life. I liked that Harper even after everything she had been through she seemed to be so strong and was able to be happy. Trent was one of the best male characters, he was sweet caring and patient. For me the good writing of this story was a huge advantage because it made you feel what the heroine felt which I find it very rare.

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                                       The Strongest Steel

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