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Curvy by Alexa Riley

The first time Flynn Long sees her, she's lying on a bed in lingerie. The picture is soft, just like her curves, and instantly he's obsessed. 

Cali Carr is at the end of her full-figure modeling career when she's hired for a new campaign. But when the owner of the company steps out of the shadows and starts calling the shots, a job is the last thing it feels like. 

Love at first sight isn't supposed to be real. One touch isn't supposed to ignite so much. A single picture isn't supposed to drive a man insane. But luckily for us it's happening in Curvy! 

                                                               My opinion:
Breakstone corporation had invested in a lingerie line, Curved Intimates, which wasn't going very well. They were going to make one more campaign to see if it could work out. While they were picking girls for the shoot a beautiful curvy woman caught Flynn's eye. He was obsessed with her and was excited to see her in person. When he saw her in  person and with just her underwear in front of people his caveman took over. He was going to dictate the photo shoot. When Carli saw him she felt the strong sexual tension between them. Flynn didn't lose time, he invited her to dinner and ended up having more than that. Soon after that, they were married with kids still hungry for each other.

One little hot story about a workaholic CEO and a curvy model. It's focused on their sexual tension, how fast they fell in love and their sexapades.

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