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His Secret Baby (Bad Boy Empire #2) by Vanessa Waltz

My wife stole our baby.

She's beautiful, got a mouth full of sass, and she owes me a favor. So I've been cashing in to make her mine. Every week I think I'm done with her, but she pulls me back in for another night of hot, wet action. When she finally pays off her debt, she'll be giving me more than just her body. 

My playboy lifestyle has a time limit. I want more. Marriage. Kids. It’s time for me to settle down. Christine's perfect. She looks like an angel but she's a devil in bed. It’s a match made in Heaven.

She thought I was joking when I dragged her to the altar. I said my vows and slipped my ring on her finger. I thought she’d make an honest man out of me.

I was wrong. She ran off without a word. Two years of my life, gone. The baby I never knew, taken from me.

But I'm not a man who ever gives up. I'll put my ring back on her finger. I'll make her mine again. And damn it, I'll give her another baby.

My husband doesn’t know about our baby... 

Two years ago I met Thane. I knew he was bad news, but his devilish smile pulled me into his lap and his honeyed tongue talked me into his bed. He was pure sin, good for one night of fun, and nothing else. For one night, I forgot about his dangerous side. 

He was all risk, and sleeping with him was a high. But then I got pregnant. He might have sweet-talked his way into my bed, but I wasn't going to raise my son with him. 

I ran away. He never knew about the baby. 

Now he's found us and he wants his family back. A bigger family... another baby. 

I never wanted to be part of his life. He's taken us to a dangerous place. I’m scared for myself, scared for my child. 

But when he wraps his arms around me, I always manage to forget the danger…

                                                              My opinion:
Thane Blackthorn was a badass gangster, member of the syndicate Black Dragons. After many years of sleeping with tons of women, he was ready to settle down and start a family. Christine had been single for a while, so she was waitressing at the Nail trying to pay the bills. One day Thane went to collect a payment from a bar but ended up getting a beautiful girl, Christine. He made it very clear to her that he wanted her in his bed and that he would take care of her. For two months she was paying the debt, he was taking her out and then fucking her to oblivion. But Christine ended up pregnant and she was so scared. The same night Thane made her his wife without knowing about the baby. She was freaking out and desperately tried to find a way to escape. She did it, she had to move a lot of times so he won't find them but she was good with her son. Two years later she found out about his death and she was so sad. Christine decided to go to his funeral and she got a big surprise. Thane took them back home, she was going to be a prisoner since he didn't trust her anymore. Christine didn't feel that the place was safe for her baby or her and she proved to be right. Someone was set on killing her but Thane was there to save her.

This is quite an interesting book but during the time, i was reading it I had mixed feelings about it. It started nicely with Thane finding the woman who wanted to fuck and marry. Then started the bad feelings, where Thane introduced Christine to the syndicate and married her. It got worst in the part that the women were treated like prisoners especially Chrissy. Later it got really interesting when the psycho bitch character came along. That's where we see how strong willed Christine was and how in love was Thane with her. I can't say much about the characters, what I understood from reading this was that Thane was raised in a fucked up place with a lot of power women and drugs. But somehow he ended up having respect and he could keep his promises. Christine was a tough girl with a shitty life. She wasn't one to back down without a fight.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                          His Secret Baby

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