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DICK by Scott Hildreth

The day I met Dick I instantly knew four things. One, he was as handsome of a man as I had ever seen. Two, he was filthy rich. Three, he was a dick. And four, he was *ahem* gifted. 

In time I learned much more about him. 

Things that would have made most women run away. 

But I’m not most women. So, instead of running away, I ran in his direction. 

Dick didn’t have a place for a woman in his life. He was a bad boy. Not a wannabe bad boy that tried to act the part. Oh no, he was the real deal. Money. Guns. Fast cars. Cops always one step behind him… 

On our first date, while in his Ferrari, we got into a high-speed chase with the police. 

That was only the beginning. 

From there, things only got better. 

Or worse. 

I guess that depends on who you are, and what you’re afraid of. 

Me? I wasn’t afraid of Dick, his manner of living life, or his dickish ways. 

I wanted him to be mine. 

But, with a man like Dick, things are never easy. 

My name’s Jess. 

This story’s mine - although I’ll never admit to it in a court of law. 

                                                      My opinion:
Jess was a waitress in a shitty bar.
While she was going to work she met a dangerous man, Dick. He was very intimidating but for some strange reason, she was turned on by him. Dick wanted her so he went after her. The more she was talking the more he wanted her, the problem was that he couldn't decide what to do with her. Since their very first date, they started breaking laws together. Jess could acknowledge the danger but she simply didn't care. Dick knew that caring for someone was a big problem in his job but Jess was so different from any other woman he had met. At first, it was just the sex and her smart mouth but before he knew it she meant more to him. She trusted him as much as he trusted her and she was great at everything he asked her to do. They did a successful job together and after that, he earned a skillful crime and life partner.

You might don't realize it at first but this is a modern day robin hood story. It has scenes like those in good action movies. Lot's of kinky sex scenes a couple romantic ones and a few filled with kindness. Dick, who is the robin hood in this story is a complete asshole. He is bossy, rude, dangerous, sexy, he also has a hidden good side. Jess is a mouthy bitch who seemed to be an adrenaline junkie and was attracted by bad boys/criminals. She was also very smart and observant.

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