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Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Devoured (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Marian Tee

Scarred and disillusioned by his ex-wife’s betrayal, gorgeous and powerful billionaire Luca Valencia has become even more ruthless in the corporate arena and unapologetically heartless when discarding women who mistakenly think they're the ones to change him. 
But for his young daughter, he’s willing to risk marriage for the second time. 
However, it would be on his terms, and he decides to take a leaf out of his friend Rafe’s book by hiring a woman carefully screened for his needs. 
That woman is Vivian Day, whose innocence makes her a trustworthy companion for his daughter…and whose desperate circumstances would make her unable to afford saying no to his proposition. 

                                                                 My opinion:
Luca was a billionaire  single parent who wanted the best for his daughter Eula. His daughter was at an age who asked a lot of questions and she needed a mother, because of his past he decided that hiring a wife/mother was a good idea. One year later he found her. Vivian was a very shy woman, she cleaned the offices in his building. Luca didn't only liked her as a possible mother but as a woman as well, Vivi fell in love from the beginning with him, which made it impossible to refuse the offer he made. The first three months were great until the day that his worst fear made him do a very stupid thing that hurt both of them. Luca realised how much he loved his wife a little too late but he was determined to do anything to see her happy again. So the full bloodied Italian did exactly what his wife wanted in an extreme level of course.

This is the sweetest story, that's close to a fairytale, that i have ever read. There's so much love in any kind, no cheating, awkward little moments and sweet erotic scenes. The feelings i had while reading it were: happiness, anger, sadness and happiness again. We have three main characters: Luca the sexy control freak overprotective billionaire who was previously severely hurt by a woman. Vivian a very innocent sweet and caring young woman who had never felt happiness in her life until she fell in love. Eula an adorable smart kid who looked and acted like her bossy father.

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