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Shifters on Fire: The Alpha's Courtship by Marian Tee

                                                        My opinion:
Soleil Orpheline, a stunning, voluptuous, blue-eyed blonde, she was society’s reigning belle during the day and the dangerously skilled leader of Trois Belle Lames at night.
Ilie Marcovici was part-wolf, part-demon, which in turn made the marquis one of the most ruthless creatures of the world.

One night she and her team were in a very bad situation when her plan wasn't working as she wanted her sister asked her to call her heart keeper. Soleil didn't want to but she knew she had to do it for her soldiers. He went to her in the right time to save her. After Ilie found his heart keeper he went to ask permission to marry her and found out a few things about her. Ilie was the exact opposite kind of man that Soleil dreamed of having as a heart keeper. He was too bossy and cocky for her so from the beginning she decided that she wouldn't be his heart keeper. Ilie wasn't a man to take no for an answer, he had his ways to make her agree but Soleil was one step ahead of him.

It's a historical/fiction novel. The whole story is about a half-demon finding his heart keeper and convincing her to marry him. It's pretty simple but very interesting and fun. It has great erotic scenes. My favourites were when Soleil was smart mouthing Ilie. She was a very fearless and determined young lady but she was also quite romantic. He was a very powerful demon/ wolf shifter, cocky , bossy always going against the rules and loving every minute of it.

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                 The Alpha's Courtship

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