When I Love (Vassi & Seri 3: Russian Stepbrother Romance) by Marian Tee

When I start to care, I stop thinking about myself. 

When I start to feel, I stop thinking about what’s right or wrong.

But when I love, oh when I really love--- 

I give it my all, even if it means destroying myself in the process. 

And that’s what I exactly ended up doing for him. 


The gorgeous Russian celebrity who’s also my steprother--- 

And now, he’s also the man who can’t bear the sight of me, the man who thinks I would sleep with anyone just for money. 

When I love, I will do everything for that person--- 

And I expect nothing in return.

                                                     My opinion:

Two months later from when I hurt.
Seri, Vassi, and Fyodor were trying to move on with their lives. Unfortunately, it was very difficult for all of them, especially when Seri and Vassi were co-starring in a movie. Their feelings were still there and it was hard not to act on them.
Throughout the story, they were trying to be selfless for each other, which allowed to the psycho girl to mess with their lives. With the help of their beloved family, they won the fight and lived their happily ever after, the way only the Grachyov knew.

I feel like this was the best ending to this story, with the right amount of love, hurt, craziness, and happiness. My favourite part was the end of the epilogue. At least two chapters of the book made me cry (which happens rarely). I think that this was my favourite book of the three.

You can buy it from Amazon:

When I Love

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