Mercy Fuck by K.S. Adkins

You've seen the title of this book and now you're curious, I get it.
I totally do.
Mercy F*uck isn't a title that inspires smiles and you'd be right.

Let me start by saying his name was Axle Rhodes and everything about him, including his love for Metallica, made you want to offer yourself up as a sacrifice.
And believe me, I did.
My heart and v-card were his for the conquering, and because he had a pulse, twenty-four-seven erection and empty bed, he took it.

It was love, it was fate, it was our happily ever after.
It was bullshit.

For Axle it wasn't any of those things.
I know this to be true because while planning our wedding while still naked in said bed, I had the misfortune of hearing him utter the two words that described what he really thought of me.

Now don't go feeling sorry for me, okay? I learned a valuable lesson about the opposite sex that day and am all the better for it.
To Axle, I was a Mercy F*uck this is true. But, every man I would meet after him would become mine.

My name is Drew, by the way, and nine years and a lot of practice later, I like to think of myself as the 'Mercy F*uck Master'.
Trust me, it was title I earned and was seriously proud of too.

Well at least I was, until the Mercy F*ucker came back.

                                                                   My opinion:
Axle was a boy from a "good" family, he was attending college when he met a beautiful bartender named Drew. She was a firecracker. They had an instant connection, became friends quickly and developed some deep feelings. After two years they decided to take their relationship to the next level. That night was the best and the worst for both. Two words (Mercy Fuck) managed to break them apart and changed their lives forever.
Nine years later Axle found her again and was determined to get some answers. The problem was that Drew was hurt and not in the mood for explaining. That changed soon since her life was in major danger and he was there every single moment of the day to keep her safe. They talked and decided to give their relationship another chance. It was going very well, they were getting to know each other again. He loved how she was treating her employees like family, he hated that she was so stubborn that could put her life in danger. When he saw that person pointing her with a gun he lost it. In the end, their family grew, Drew had her big dream come true and the only man she loved by her side.

Very interesting storyline. It's a romance/action novel. The characters are all unique, there's not a dull moment in this book. There is one big twist that you're not gonna see it coming.

You can buy it from amazon:
                                   Mercy Fuck

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