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My Dutch Billionaire by Marian Tee

I was fourteen, he was twenty-eight. 
I was a failure and the black sheep in my family. 
He was the Dutch billionaire every girl wanted to marry. 
I wanted him to be mine, but he was dating my older sister. 
And so I tried to forget. 
I tried to stop loving him. 
I tried, but it just kept hurting until I realized that nothing would work. 
Nothing…except learning how to live without Willem de Konigh.

                                                       My opinion:
Willem de Konigh was a well-known billionaire, that every woman wanted and currently dating Shane Raleigh. One night while he was leaving from her house he met her younger sister Serenity. He was impressed by her. Serenity was trying to forget she ever met him because she didn't want any troubles with her family, but it was impossible to do so. Willem felt a weird connection with this girl, so he managed to keep in touch with her and protect her. As the time passed those two talked more and became familiar with each other. The problem was that Serenity was falling for him and when he realised that everything changed for the worst...

A very sweet and romantic story about a teenage girl's first crush which later turned into a deep love. They are very different from each other: Willem is a man who takes what he wants no questions asked, he is powerful and very attractive. Serenity is a smart girl who had lived a horrible early life with a strict unloving parent, and that person's actions took away her confidence and turned her into a victim. 

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                         My Dutch Billionaire

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