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My Dutch Billionaire 2 (My Dutch Billionaire #2) by Marian Tee

He’s Willem de Konigh. 33 years old. A coldly handsome, excruciatingly polite Dutch billionaire who’s always gotten what he wanted. Only this time, he realizes what he wants the most is the one woman who wasn’t for him. 
She’s Serenity Raleigh. 19 years old. A painfully insecure childhood friend of the billionaire who used to love him from afar…until she realized that it would never work between them. 
But things have suddenly changed. 
Willem now wants her back in his life. In his arms. In his bed. 
But he also wants her to play by his rules. 

                                                            My opinion:
19-year-old Serenity was still hurting by the revelation that the love of her life didn't love her back. She was trying to forget and move on, with no success. Willem realised that he couldn't stand being away from her and that he wanted her in his bed as well. Since he always got what he wanted, he did the same with Serenity. The last few months were the best for her, she was spending all her time with him, engaging in all sorts of sexual activities. She loved every single moment but she could feel it was too good to be true. And her instinct was right...

In this book, Willem is a big prick and Serenity a naive young girl who's in love. I enjoyed the erotic scenes a lot but Willem's actions kinda ruined it for me. Plus it reminded me a lot of Pollyanna and Kyrillos story.

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                   My Dutch Billionaire 2

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