Peacock by Nora Flite and Allison Starwood

The bet was simple: All I had to do was make a guy fall in love with me in one week. Normally I'd never take such a crazy dare, but I could REALLY use the cash... so how could I say no?
Then I met him: my mystery date.
Simon "Peacock" Cavanaugh. Or better yet, just call him Simon the C*#k. He's rude, perverse, and his good looks make me hate him even more.
Falling in love with a guy like him... it might be impossible.
But that's a relief, because really, why would I WANT to be head over heels for a man that's more dick than heart? A guy who thinks a good first date is hooking up in an alley?
This simple bet is going haywire.
Simon is a player who says he doesn't do romance. I know I'll never let a bad boy like him close to my heart.
What if we're both wrong?

                                                             My opinion:

Tazzy had made a bet with her friend Riley that in one week she could have a guy fall for her, her friend didn't agree. The man she chose was a guy with the screen name Peackock87, she found him on a dating site. They met at a bar and he was not what she expected. He was very handsome,(the kind of sex on two legs) and definitely a player. A few minutes later she and Simon were banging in an alleyway. After what happened there she was sure that'd he soon would fall for her. The next day even she had doubts about it, Simon was acting strange and her body was still craving his touch which wasn't a good sign for the bet. What she feared the most happened, she fell for him. A few days before the bet ended her world collapsed, everything she knew was a big fat lie. She wasn't one to break down, she was going to face those who hurt her and move on. But then something surprising happened, her inner romantic girl found the true love.

                         One of the hottest erotic novels of 2016.

It starts as a pure erotic and fun novel but ends very romantic. There are a lot of erotic and kinky scenes. The story evolves in only one week and isn't focused only on Simon and Tazzy, but to a few people around them as well. Even though they appear to be different, in the end, you can see that they actually have a lot of things in common. I enjoyed reading this book, it cheered me up. It also gonna leave many people hot and bothered. "wink wink"

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