The Billionaire's offer book 1,2,3 by Ella London

Twenty-one-year-old Alyssa Maxwell is living a life she never wanted—stuck in a claustrophobic town, working a dead-end job. 

Until the night that Luke Rockford comes into the diner and changes everything. 

Gorgeous, rich, and demanding beyond all reason, Luke takes an immediate interest in Alyssa. He wants to see more of her…much more than a small-town girl should ever show a man she doesn’t even know. 

But when Alyssa finds out the truth about Luke Rockford and why he’s really in town, her tiny, simple existence will be blown apart. And now she could lose everything she has and more…finding herself signed, sealed and delivered to the billionaire. 

                                                      My opinion:

Signed To The Billionaire

Alyssa was living with her father on their farm. A company wanted to buy their place but her dad wasn't selling it. Her dream was to study and leave from there, but for now, she had to stay and help. Luke's company managed to buy the four from the five lands he needed to build his new resort but he had to convince the fifth one to sell as well. Which was the reason he went to Maine. There he met Alyssa, a beautiful feisty blue-eyed waitress, who she also happened to be the daughter of the man who owned the land he wanted. He gave her a very pleasurable experience but the next day everything was destroyed but the ugly truth of who he really was.

Sealed To The Billionaire 

Alyssa was hurt by Luke's betrayal. She was a wreck with the news about her family's land. The desire for each other was still there after everything that happened. Luke's feelings for Alyssa made him change his mind about the resort but unfortunately, there were people who worked behind his back. For one more time, Alyssa was on her own without any money.

Delivered To The Billionaire

When Luke was threatened to lose his company and the woman he loved he realised how Bruce felt. That was when he took the best decision of his life. Bruce sold the land, Luke's company was going to build there, Alyssa was going to go to college and Luke had finally a family.

A sweet and very erotic story about a businessman who always got what he wanted and a girl who was torn between family and the new life she wanted to live.

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 Signed               Sealed             Delivered

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