My Italian Beast (Part One) by Marian Tee

I had always been okay at being boring and ordinary, of always doing the right thing and playing it safe. But when Marcus Ravelli came to live with us that one summer, the wildly sensual and dangerously handsome Italian bad boy made me yearn for the impossible. And everything changed. 

Fast forward nine years later, and Marcus and I were about to meet again. I convinced myself that I would be able to handle it. But I was wrong. I still ended up acting like a docile little lamb in his presence, still ended up saying yes to his every suggestion--- 

No matter how foolish or dangerous. 

No matter if it involved marriage. 

I thought I understood how things were between us. I thought that because he was my friend, he knew better than to hurt me again. 

But I was wrong about this, too. 

So, so wrong. 

                                                             My opinion:
Marcus and Anneke met when he went to spent the summer in their house. She was thrilled by him since the moment she set eyes on him. She wanted to stay away from him so she wouldn't embarrass herself with her awkwardness but he was always after her. What Anneke found strange was that he desperately wanted to be her friend. They tried but failed, they both wanted more than a simple friendship. They soon started playing some very dangerous and exciting games that ended abruptly. 9 years later Marcus' grandmother died and left him with a huge problem. If he wanted to continue to run his business he had to get married. The first person he thought was his "friend" Anneke, the one woman he could never forget. Everything happened so fast. The best day of her life turned into a nightmare.

This book has everything that was promised. Some very graphic sizzling hot scenes, some funny and sweet moments, heartbreak and a very painful cliffhanger. Marcus appears to be a playboy just like every other male character, but we mostly see him trying to woo Anneke. He is persistent, charming and wields power. Anneke is a smart genuine girl with good manners who most people found her boring and unattractive. I liked how the story evolved, and even though I hated Marcus in the end of this book I'm sure I will fall in love with him in the next.

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                     My Italian Beast

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