Menace (Scarlet Scars #1) by J.M. Darhower

Once upon a time, there was a guy who got so fed up with life that he resorted to murder and mayhem just to feel alive.

Lorenzo Gambini is bored. So fucking bored. Most people either annoy him or avoid him, afraid to face him. Figuratively. Literally. With his face partially disfigured, scarred, he looks every bit the monster the stories make him out to be: the notorious menace they call Scar. They say he's a sociopath. Maybe he's a psychopath. Whatever path he's on, people tend to stay far away from it.

Until one day, a young woman bumps right into him--a woman just as fed up with life, but for much different reasons. With a Scarlet Letter inked on her wrist and secrets buried deep in her soul, Morgan Myers is running from something... or maybe somebody. Lorenzo isn't quite sure.

You can bet your ass he's going to figure it out, though.

                                                           My opinion:
Lorenzo Gambini aka Scar was a man that no one wanted to cross, he was respected and feared. He intimidated everyone and he was ready to shoot even for minor reasons. The only person who he cared for was his younger brother, Leo, because of him he still had a human side. Morgan Myers was a girl who had to grew up fast. She was currently running from a Russian mobster. She also was trying to find information, and she was willing to do anything for them, stripping, lying, stealing and selling her body. One night Lorenzo and Morgan's paths crossed. Something had drawn him to her, so soon they became some kind of frenemies (with benefits) and she went to work for him as well. Lorenzo was a man that was always minding his own business but with her, he wasn't able to do that. That's how he started a war over her with Kassian, one that he was determined to win.

This story just blew my mind. I would describe it as a crime/mystery/erotica. It contains a lot of killing, suspense and rough sex. It is very entertaining and funny at moments, especially when the two main characters describe situations in their lives with humour and sarcasm. A few words about the characters: Lorenzo is ruthless, dangerous, scary, a ticking time bomb. Sometimes you see the monster others a crazy person doing something normal. Humanity and friendliness don't seem to be his thing. One wrong move and he kills you. Morgan is a girl who believed in fairytales until the monster stole her happiness. She was scared and brave at the same time. Smart and hopeful. When she was around Lorenzo she was lucky (you'll understand if you read the book). I am ecstatic that I read this and I can't wait for the next one.

Some lines that i liked:
1)I know, I know… my cock is mourning, too.

2)“Is this some memory thing, like your brain is wired wrong?” she asks. “Or are you just that much of an asshole?”

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                                  Menace (Scarlet Scars #1)

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