Call Me Daddy by Jade West

I want him to be my first. 
I want him to be the one. 
I want him to be my everything. 

I didn’t expect to spend my eighteenth birthday stranded in the pouring rain with no way to make it home. 
I didn’t expect to be rescued from the worst night of my life by the most amazing man I’d ever seen. 

His name is Nick, and he says he wants to take care of me, says he’ll look after me, says I don’t need to be alone anymore. 

He treats me like a princess, like the fragile little girl he saved from the cold. 

But I like him… I like him like that. 
I’ve never liked anyone like that before… 

And it’s weird, this thing we have… 
It’s like I can’t decide how we’re supposed to be… what we are… 
Until he says the words… 

Call me Daddy.

                                                         My opinion:
At Laine's 18th birthday her best friend ditched her for a guy. The problem was that she had taken her phone, keys and purse. While she was trying to find a way to go home she got into trouble, thankfully for her a man, Nick, came and saved her. He took her to his home and treated her like a daddy should treat his princess. Nick was turned on by her innocence but remained a true gentleman. The next day turned out to be a nightmare, her home was torn apart. After that he took her to his house and asked her to let him take care of her, she accepted happily. He was the first person in her whole life who pampered her and showed her kindness. She liked when he treated her like his little girl but her body was reacting like an adult should, which confused her. They discussed how things would progress between them and set some ground rules. They fell in love from the beginning. Nick wanted to take care of someone and Laine needed to be taken care of, they completed each other. What made them perfect was that they shared the love for the same kink.

It's a sweet, innocent, dirty story. It gives you an inside look on a Daddy/little relationship. I liked both main characters: Laine was a young beautiful girl who hadn't lived her life as a normal child and she missed that. She had no one that cared about her.  Nick was a very handsome rich gentleman who had the need to take care of someone. He was a hero for the girl. What I loved in this story is that Nick gave her the opportunity to live a great life as an adult and a child at the same time. It's a very romantic story for open minded people. I might not understand those kinds of relationships but I loved the way it was written.

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                        Call Me Daddy

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