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Full Package by Lauren Blakely

I’ve been told I have quite a gift.

Hey, I don’t just mean in my pants. I’ve got a big brain too, and a huge heart of gold. And I like to use all my gifts to the fullest, the package included. Life is smooth sailing....

Until I find myself stuck between a rock and a sexy roommate, which makes for one very hard…place.

Because scoring an apartment in this city is harder than finding true love. So even if I have to shack up with my buddy’s smoking hot and incredibly amazing little sister, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

I can resist Josie. I’m disciplined, I’m focused, and I keep my hands to myself, even in the mere five-hundred square feet we share. Until the one night she insists on sliding under the covers with me. It’ll help her sleep after what happened that day, she says.

Spoiler—neither one of us sleeps.

Did I mention she’s also one of my best friends? That she’s brilliant, beautiful and a total firecracker? Guess that makes her the full package too.

What’s a man stuck in a hard place to do?

                                                           My opinion:
Chase was a first year ER doctor who was looking for a place to stay in New York for over a month but he was very unlucky. His best friend Josie was looking for a roommate and since she had also no luck they decided to live together. Based on their habits they would be great as roommates. The only problem was that he was attracted to her. He swore to himself, and everyone else who had noticed, that he could handle it, as he did all those years. Josie started going on dates and her brothers were counting on him to protect her. They came closer day by day by spending more time together and sharing private information and stories. One night they crossed the line, they became roommates with benefits and they promised to each other to keep it under control to protect their hearts and friendship. When the heart and the brain managed to cooperate they had their happily ever after.

I loved it!!! It's sweet, funny and oh so sexy. There are many erotic scenes, some of them are fantasies and the rest reality. There are a lot of funny moments between them and Chase has some very good smart/sexy lines. The characters are amazing. Chase is a handsome gentleman with a dirty mind and a generous package. Josie is a beautiful romantic girl with a sexy body and also a dirty mind. They completed each other. Seriously those two were relationship goals couple. It's a book that I would read again definitely. I totally recommend this for those who like a humor chick lit.

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                    Full Package

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