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Pretty Little Rose by Lucy Wild

She needed a simple lesson in etiquette and decorum. Her new tutor is about to teach her something much harder.

Rose Winter might look like a Lord's daughter but she acts like a spoilt child. When a tutor is hired to show her how to behave like a proper lady, she decides to instead teach him a thing or two about bad behaviour. 

Titus Burlingham is renowned for turning brats into mature, respectable ladies. When he meets Rose for the first time, he's appalled by her refusal to grow up. But as their lessons together grow more intense, he realises he wants her to stay little just for him. 

Rose soon learns to love submitting to her dominant tutor but when her parents announce they have found her a husband, she must make a decision. Will she grow up and become the delicate flower her parents desire or will she accept a life of spanking and submission, blooming into her tutor's pretty little Rose forever? 

                                                             My opinion:
Rose Winter was a young lady from a very respectable family. Last three weeks she was sneaking out to meet with a man. Hoping for her first kiss, instead, she had a night from hell. Her dad had enough with her, so he decided to hire a tutor. The famous Titus Burlingham, the most successful in the whole country. He thought she would be an easy case and he didn't hesitate to break his tradition for her. He showed her the perks of being a little girl and a big girl and let her decide what she preferred. Many students had fallen for him over the years but he had never fallen for one, until now. He decided to keep her for himself, but her parents and a big secret got in the way and tore them apart. Thankfully for them, their deep love and Rose's cleverness brought them back together for good.

It's a historical daddy/little romance. It goes a bit far from the most age play novels since the heroine is treated like an infant and not just a little girl. It's very well written, fun and exciting to read. A simple storyline with a variety of emotions. The characters are quite interesting as well. Rose was a girl who refused to grow up. She liked having fun in her little world with her pretty little dolls. But she also loved the pleasures only big girls could have. That's why she was so torn with her final decision. Titus was a very strict man, not a real gentleman but he did have some good manners. He had some unorthodox methods as a tutor but very efficient. Deep down he was a loving and caring man. I have to say that my favourite part was towards the end where they realised which their true feelings were and acted on them. I totally recommend this book to readers who like these kinds of fetishes.

You can buy it from Amazon:
                                        Pretty Little Rose

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