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Review: My French Billionaire (In Bed with a Billionaire Book 5) by Marian Tee

Gorgeous, wealthy, and powerful, French-Greek billionaire Christien di Luca was the kind of man who already had everything. Or so most people thought. In truth, the billionaire was damaged inside, in ways that no one would have imagined, and for as long as he could remember he had always been a shadow away from meeting Death halfway – 

Until a little mutant came winking into life. 

Part-rainbow, part-winking-maniac, part-clown, part-everything-else he needed, Kharis Stamos was the only person in the world able to make him genuinely feel. With her, he didn’t need to pretend he knew what anger or pleasure was, didn’t need to force himself to laugh or even frown. With her, he could almost believe that he wanted to live--- 

Until he realized she had lied to him. 

                                                               My opinion:
Christien Di Luca to the rest of the world seemed to be the perfect gentleman who had it all. In reality, he was very unhappy and battling with depression, he felt like he was a lost cause, that nothing could save him. His friend told him that maybe when he found the right woman things would get better, so he started looking for her. The one he found was nothing like he expected her to be, she was a woman who was part-rainbow, part-clown, part-winking-maniac, his little mutant, Kharis Stamos. At first, he felt nothing for her except for repulsion and fascination. But as the days passed and he was getting to know her, he liked her a lot, also he started discovering himself as well because of her. There were some issues that were keeping him away from her, one of them was his inability to love. He kept hurting her but she was taking him back every single time, which was blowing his mind. Christien was so afraid to move on with her until the day that horrible accident happened that changed his life forever and realized that nothing else mattered except his little mutant's happiness.

This is my favorite book of the Beasts In Bed Series. It's a taboo love, but it's so fun, romantic and there's so much flirting. There is the standard drama part that spices up the storyline but in general, it's a very enjoyable book. My favorite character was Kharis, she was delightful, smart, cute, innocent and very determined to achieve her dreams. Christien was at a loss for most of the book, he eventually showed some lust, anger, possessiveness. Other than that i found him quite plain and boring. My favorite parts of the story were Kharis sweet and funny moments plus her surprises. I give this 4 stars only because of the female character and the lovely end.

                                                 You can buy it from Amazon:
                                    My French Billionaire

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