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Review: Last Week by Lucy Wild

She thought it was a game she could win.
Then the rules changed.

All Zoey Greene had to do was spend one week working in the house of a secretive billionaire. In return she will walk away with a cool million.

Piece of cake.

When she arrives at his mansion, Zoey uncovers the shocking truth about her new employer, Ethan Banfield. She tries to run but it's too late. She's trapped with a cold-hearted monster who demands nothing less than total obedience.

With the darkness that's been eating away at Ethan now threatening to consume them both, time is running out for Zoey to salvage what's left of her willpower and make her captor see that with the right person by your side, even the blackest of hearts can find a way out into the light.

                                                           My opinion:
Zoey had money problems, she couldn't afford to pay for her mortgage and soon her whole family would be on the streets. Then in a moment of desperation, she stole a wallet. She felt guilty and tried to return in, that's how she met the owner of the wallet, Ethan. He was a billionaire who had everything he ever wanted and before he left this world he wanted to succeed one thing, to break a woman. He thought that Zoey would be the perfect candidate so he made his offer, one week with him and she would end up with a million pounds. Against her better judgment she agreed to his offer, she thought it was just a game but she was wrong. Ethan noticed that she was nothing like the other girls, she showed her defiance from the very first moment, which was something that was thrilling him. He began with his plan, soon she was obeying him and seemed to like it. But the plan backfired for him, instead of breaking her he was falling for her. He was so confused he didn't know what to do. Zoey was the one who gave him a solution which changed both of their lives.

It's a very intense adult romance. It has a BDSM theme, based on the Sir/slave dynamic. It has a simple storyline with many sexual scenes. There aren't any hidden secrets, the background story is told from the beginning. I felt that it was focused on how long Zoey was going to last, her realization of her preferences and how soon their feelings grew. The characters were so much different from each other. Zoey was a nice, honest, caring girl, she appeared very timid at first but later she showed how strong willed she was. Ethan was a dark brooding man who had everything and became bored. He appeared to be cruel, a monster but later he showed a softer side. It was quite an interesting book, it started with a dark theme and became more fun and I dare say a bit romantic. I give this 4,5 stars.

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                                        Last Week

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