Review: My Arabian Billionaire (In Bed with a Billionaire): A Desert Sheikh Romance by Marian Tee

Years and years from now, it would go down as one of the saddest days in the kingdom’s history when the crying, trembling figure of their queen was seen at the gates of the palace, performing the public ritual of ending her marriage to the king. 

News traveled fast, and the area was soon swarming with people – reporters who were out to sensationalize this unprecedented sight, gawking guests who were titillated by the hint of scandal in the air, and men like Mahmud, who didn’t hesitate to sow seeds of discord to further their cause. 

Terrible accusations began to take shape, broadcasted in viral headlines--- 

Queen Harper publicly disavowing marriage to travel alone and leave Ramil? 

Princess Safiya, daughter of Sheikh Mahmud, to be Ramil’s next queen? 

Ramilians to be fined if found offering aid to Queen Harper? 

Later, there would also be stories of loyalty – of how secret enemies of the sheikh had incited a rabble, and of the queen’s most trusted guards coming to her defense. Witnesses had sworn they heard the queen tearfully begging her loyal guards not to endanger themselves for her, but still they had shed blood for her, their loyalty to her unwavering. 

You will always be our queen. 

And when the tide seemed to swell in the favor of the sheikh’s enemies, there came the thundering, ground-crushing sound of the army’s footsteps, led by the king and his vassals. They fought their way to the queen’s side, infallible in their power, strength, and valor – 

It was a breathtaking sight, witnesses from that night were known to avow. But what they would never ever forget was the sight of their king finding his queen--- 

Only to let her go--- 

You are free, my love. 

                                          My opinion:
                                      I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Khalil Al-Atassi was the newly crowned king of Ramil. He had to find a bride soon, his kingdom needed a queen. It was very difficult to find a respectable woman who would be perfect for this position. Then he saw her, Harper Griffiths, his childhood friend. They were both smitten by each other for years but none of them had dared to say or do anything about it. That was until now, Khalil knew deep inside that she was his future queen and he was more than happy with their newly found sexual attraction. He soon asked her to marry him, even though it would make her life complicated she accepted. Their life wasn't easy after their wedding but they were happy. Unfortunately, Khalil was too focused on how to be a good king that he took a fatal decision for their marriage. He tried to live without her but it was not possible. A few months later he was faced with a dilemma but this time he had taken the right decision. One that would make everyone happy.

This is the first Sheikh romance that I read and I LOVED it. It's such an entertaining, sexual and romantic novel. I liked the storyline it's short and to the point. It doesn't have unnecessary details, most of it is fun, there are minimum dramatic scenes and the love/romance comes in the second half of the book. My favorite moments were when Khalil was riling up Harper, her reactions were amazing and so funny. The characters are great as well. Harper is a feisty, educated young woman, very kind and strong willed. Khalil was a true gentleman, a good king, he wanted to help his people and was ready to do anything for them. He knew what he wanted and how to get it, also he was a beast in bed and he proved it many times. This book is simpler and lighter from the others in this series but it's by far my favorite. I can't wait to see what's next...

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