Review: Captive Vow by Alta Hensley

I take you.
To honor and obey.
Till death do us part.
This is my solemn vow.

I am caught in the madness of a deep obsession. Stolen away to become his perfect and dutiful wife. 
Trapped in a twisted and dark courtship. Forced and trained in the wifely duties of an obedient bride.
I am his.
Captive ever after… 

                                                           My opinion:
Demi was a young woman with a very dark and twisted family. Both her parents had done terrible things and she got to live with the memories. She was working at Blossom Diner as a waitress. Every week there was an old lady that was coming to eat there and Demi was helping her. Viv looked so fragile and sweet. Then one day she showed her true face (or illness). She kidnapped Demi to be her son's dutiful wife. Demi was scared but she had to follow her rules in order to save her friend from being harmed. Thankfully for her, Pope, was a good guy that was trying to save her from this nightmare. Along the way, those two started falling in love and that's how they were strong enough to fight and win this crazy situation.

This is a very dark psychological romance. It contains many disturbing scenes, references to mental illness, kidnapping and forced sexual acts. It's not a book for the faint hearts. The storyline is pretty impressive and surprising. I could have never imagined by reading the description that the story would have this development. The characters were amazing, each one very unique with one common factor. The dark and twisted love is the main characteristic of this book. It's the beginning and the end (the alpha and the omega like we say in Greece). If you are into dark novels I think you're going to love this one. I give it 4,8 stars.

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