Review: Billionaire's Game by Lucy Wild

He's a billionaire.
He's bored.
And he wants to play with me.

Cole Ford is the perfect man. Literally. 
He's spent all day chasing me, commanding me to come back to his mansion for a night of passion. 
If this was real, I'd say yes in a heartbeat. 
But it's not real. 
It's just a game. A twenty-four hour roleplay with him as the billionaire and me playing the femme fatale.
Just a bit of fun.
He's not really in love with me, just my character.
But what if I don't want to play games anymore?
What if I want to tell him how much I want him?
That would be breaking the rules.
I've never broken the rules before.
Until now.

                                                            My opinion:
                               i received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Karina was planning to move in with her boyfriend but he tricked her and stole all her savings. While chasing him she bumped into a man, Cole Ford.  He was a billionaire who owned an enterprise that it was kind of a live action video game and was going very well. He offered her a chance to play in one of his new games. Karina's best friend convinced her to go. Cole was attracted by Karina since the day he met her, not only she was pretty but she obviously was submissive as well. The perfect girl to play with in his playroom. Their game night was going very well they were ready to go in and play some more in his house but someone spoiled their fun. The chance for one night together ended but Cole still wanted her so he had to find a way to get her back. He managed to "lure" her in many times but she always was running back from fear of getting hurt. She was falling in love with him and it scared her, she decided to end the game. But what happens when the game is already over and everything you thought was acting it was actually real?

It is a very sweet and fun romantic novel. It has a unique storyline for a BDSM novel. It's well written, not rushed, it hasn't any serious drama or angst. It's mostly focused on Karina's realization of who she truly was and on how she became more brave and adventurous. Cole's role was like the dominant who was testing and training his submissive. The sexual parts are quite limited and the characters are very likable and funny. This book is one of my favorites of this author. I give this 4 stars.

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