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Review: Born to be Bound (Alpha's Claim #1) by Addison Cain

Surrender is not survival.

Claire is desperate. Her once thriving city lies in ruins. The strongest of the three human dynamics, Alphas, have grown feral. Common Betas circle like vultures. The lowest in the hierarchy, rare and weak Omegas like Claire, are being destroyed. Sheltering amidst a dwindling enclave of frightened Omega women, Claire cannot provide enough to feed them all; her friends are starving.

All due to one escaped convict’s violent rise to power.

Shepherd is every bit as ruthless as his reputation suggests. Despite taking every possible precaution, Claire is captured and her worst nightmare realized. Shepherd, discovering a rare Omega in his midst, claims her like a prize, forcing a pair-bond that ties her to him forever.

She fights her instincts and his will, because no matter how manipulative the bond might be, she despises what he’s done to her people. If she cannot find a way to help her friends, if she cannot escape, everyone she loves will die.

                                                           My opinion:
                        I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Tholos was once a very thriving peaceful city that the people there were living happily. Then the prisoners of the Undercroft had risen and claimed the city, killing almost everyone. Those who managed to survive went into hiding. The Alphas and Betas were creating a plan to take their city back while the Omegas fought for their survival. Claire couldn't stand watching her people dying from hunger so she went to see Shepherd, the man who now ruled Tholos. Her plan didn't exactly work since she went in heat while being surrounded by a room full of Alphas. Thankfully for her, Shepherd saved her from all the feral Alphas that would have killed her. The only choice she had now was to submit to him.  He not only claimed her but also forced a bond on her which made her mad. Her body was obeying him but her mind didn't. The fact that he didn't want to help her save the Omegas didn't help at all. That's why when she had the chance she escaped. After a few days, Shepherd managed to find her. No matter what he did Claire was always fighting the bond, nothing could make her happy and surrender was not an option for her.

It's a dark tale full of suspense and explicit sexual scenes. It contains secrets, lies, some scary and disturbing (to some people) killing scenes. The storyline is good, it starts with the current situation and slowly explains what happened. It's definitely not a romantic novel. I found the two main characters very interesting and different. Shepherd was a powerful Alpha, very dominant and dangerous. With Claire, he showed both his good and his bad side. There were moments that he even showed emotions. Claire was a brave Omega girl. She was a fighter, very clever, sweet and innocent. When they were alone there was a sort of power exchange. I liked this book a lot, but it would have been more helpful to me if at the beginning there was a dictionary were it would describe what each title meant. That way I could be more focused on the storyline and not on finding who was what. I give this 3,5 stars.

PS: What exactly were those people? There were referred as animals and people but I didn't read a specific description of what they truly were.

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