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Review: Hero Undercover: The Honey Trap by Lucy Wild


26 New York Times, USA Today, and Award-winning best-selling romance authors have created a smoking-hot collection of torrid tales starring hunky bad-boy heroes and feisty strong-willed heroines. Heat up your nights with dark fantasies, seductive sci-fi and breathtaking passion. Our alpha males range from swoon-worthy cowboys and take-charge military men to deliciously decadent dominants, and each page turning story ends with the happily ever after you crave.

Hundreds of pages for one unbeatable price. Turn up the AC, lie back, and escape into these brand new, red hot riveting reads.

Authors include: Annabel Joseph, Addison Cain, Desiree Holt, Renee Rose, Maggie Ryan, Maddie Taylor, Emily Tilton, Trent Evans, Jennifer Bene, Sophie Kisker, Megan Michaels, Katherine Deane, Maggie Carpenter, Jane Henry, Maisy Archer, Alyssa Bailey, Claire Conrad, Stevie MacFarlane, Piper Stone, Anya Summers, Lucy Wild, BJ Wane, A.C. Rose, April Hill, Amelia Smarts, Meredith O’Reilly

                                                            My opinion:
                      I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Kathryn was living with her politician father. She was raised with a strict way and was forbidden from doing a lot of things growing up. She was old enough now and she needed her independence, so she decided to get a job. She had an interview at a BDSM club. Her father didn't like it at he sent Nate, his advisor, undercover to find footage that would shut that place down. Nate had a crush on Kathryn since the day he met her, so instead of finding evidence, he found his inner Dom and his perfect submissive. Of course, nothing good comes out of lies and he was in serious trouble with her. Thankfully for him, she felt the same things for him and she was the forgiving type.

It's a short and sexy BDSM erotic story. It's about two people who by accident they discovered their sexual preferences. Most of the book is pretty mild except the few sex and spanking scenes. Everything is fast paced so it isn't focused in one part. It felt kinda like a review for a longer book. The characters and the plot are nice. I think that it has many great potentials as a whole story. I give this 3 out of 5 stars.

                               You can buy it from Amazon:
                                         Hero Undercover

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