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Review: Dangerously bound by Eden Bradley

Allie LeClair has finally returned to the sultry city of New Orleans. After ten years of studying and working as a pastry chef in San Francisco and all over Europe—and feeding her submissive side at BDSM clubs—Allie is home, and she has something to prove to the man who once fueled her desires. She’s not a child anymore.
But with two in the kitchen…
When security specialist Mick Reid hears that Allie is back in town, he knows he won’t be able to stay away for long. Ever since he discovered his darker side, Mick has tried to protect Allie from the aggressive beast within him—but that power and wildness is exactly what she wants.
Can they take the heat?
Allie has made the first move, but now it’s up to Mick. The game has begun, and playing has never been so rough.

                                                                 My opinion:
He is a masochist and she is his perfect match.

Allie left from New Orleans to go to college, she also left behind a man she was crazy for him but after he spent a night with her he disappeared. Now she was back and she was determined to have him in her life. She had a plan.Mick wanted her as much as she wanted him but he was afraid, he didn't want to drag her in his dark world (his kink). He would soon find out
that she was into the same kink and how much she has changed.They had agree to play but he was making everything so difficult (and i think he was trying to put her off).They tried to be together but as long as Mick was keeping his secrets they wouldn't succeed.It took some time, an accident and Alli's broke down for him to understand what he really wanted from his life.

There's alot of sex, bondage, spankings.
She loved him too much and she was showing it to him.He loved her too but he was afraid of his past mistakes and the darkness inside him.

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